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Career Planning: Start Today!!

Career Diagram

Not only do you need to have technical skills associated with the career path of your choice, you must also have employability skills/CAREER Readiness skills. These skills will help you in any profession that you seek. You can visit the National Association of Colleges and Employers site for more iinformation. Below are the top desired career readiness skills based on a national survey sent to hundreds of industry leaders!

  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Skills
    • (Reasoning/decision making)
  • Oral/Writtin Communications
    • (clearly articulate thoughts/ideas)
  • Teamwork/Collaboration
    • (building working relationships)
  • Digital Technology
    • (ethically/efficiently know how to use technology)
  • Leadership
    • (use your strengths with others to benefit a goal)
  • Professionalism/Work Ethic
    • (being on time/attire/being productive with tasks/integrity)
  • Career Management
    • (being able to articulate your strengths, skills, knowledge,  and experience as they relate to your career)
  • Global/Intercultural Fluency
    • (value and respect in learning diverse cultures/groups-inclusivity)
NACE diagram

The Alabama Department of Education (Counseling & Guidance in partnership with Career Technical Education) worked tirelessly to develop Career Pathways that your student could take courses in throughout their K-12 education. It is NEVER too early to work toward your future! Through 4-Year Plans (Alabama Career Planning System) and through efforts made on the school level to offer courses in these pathways, there should be something for everyone! Take a closer look at the 16 Career Clusters and see what interests YOU today!!

Want more resources on career readiness, development, apprenticeships, scholarships, and what careers are trending? Visit Alabama Works and the Southwest Alabama Partnership for Training and Employment (SWAPTE) for more information for you, your parent, and for the community!

Did you know you could build your resume', cover letters, and protfolio directly through your FREE Alabama Career Planning Account?? This resource is all over my site for a very good reason! You can do all of those things, search for jobs, search for colleges, and prepare your 4-Year plans!! The state provides this for FREE and you have access to it for LIFE!!

Have you ever thought, "How cool would it be to know what skills I need to have as a student moving into the world of careers?" Look no further!! Check out this resource for YOU (ages 14-21) on what "Soft Skills will Pay Your Bills"!! 

Communication . Enthusiasm & Attitude . Teamwork . Networking . Problem Solving & Critical Thinking . Professionalism

ACT WorkKeys and College & Career Readiness

Learn how the ACT WorkKeys assists students with College & Career Readiness skills as well as being recognized nationally by business and industry!

Technical Dual Enrollment

An outline of what technical dual enrollment programs CHS offers

College & Career Readiness Indicators- Grad Req

Presentation on College & Career Readiness Indicators and graduation requirements. 


College & Career AVL Digital Resources

Check out these FREE college & career digital resources through July 21, 2020!

Habilidades Sociales: para salir adelante

AL Career Planning System: Parent Information!!

A parent flyer outlining all that the AL Career Planning system has to offer their student(s)!!

​​​​​​​AL Career Planning System Directions!

A great user guide/resource for navigating the AL Career Planning System for career development!!

What Does Career Ready Mean?

Coastal Alabama is announcing online courses through the Division of Workforce Development including NCCER, Amatrol, and MSSC. "Many of our manufacturers have reported to us that for reasons related to COVID-19, production has slowed," said Dr. Josh Duplantis, Dean of Workforce Development for the college. "These courses offer our partner employers a chance to upskill their current workforce in the case that they are unable to perform their normal functions due to social distancing guidelines.

"  Through the Colleges partnership with Amatrol, customized courses can be created for our industry partners such as the following topics:

  • Industry 4.0 Fundamentals
  • Materials
  • Automation
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Process Control
  • Fluid Power
  • Quality Assurance
  • Green Technology
  • Safety
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Thermal
  • Machining
  • Workplace Effectiveness
  • Manufacturing Processes

The NCCER course has relevant modules to our existing workforce including safety, construction math, hand and power tools, blueprint reading, rigging, and basic workplace communication skills. For our production workers, the MSSC course offers safety, quality practices and measurement, processes and production, and maintenance awareness. Employers who wish to have their employers enroll should encourage them to fill out the Coastal Alabama INTAKE FORM and an instructional coordinator from the Workforce Development team will be in contact with them within 24 hours. Employers wanting to learn more or build custom employee courses based on the topics listed can contact Dr. Josh Duplantis, Dean of Workforce, at

You can visit our CHS Career Technical Education page, my Academic Resources page, or the ALSDE Career Technical page to learn more about what the state has to offer for courses that will help you on your educational/career journey.

Still want more? Visit the SkillsYouNeed site to stay updated on the importance of life skills like stress management, negotiation skills, study skills, leadership skills, and more!