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Important Information for Parents


Please, it is very important that you keep track of your child(ren)'s academic performance (you can view grades in INOW).  Your child(ren) will receive a username and password for INOW.  Please ask for it when it is received. 

Also, if you would please provide me with your personal email address, I can invite you in your child(ren)'s Google Classroom. 

Please encourage your child(ren) to study daily, to complete all assignments, to ask for assistance, and to participate in all class activities. 

School supplies should be replenished regularly. 


Your child can make up all missed assignments within three days after any type of excused absence.  

Students are encouraged to have a "school buddy" so they can get their missed class/homework assignments. 

I will ensure that missed tests/quizzes are made-up within 3 days. 

Please remind your child(ren) of this policy.

Planning Time:  If you need to schedule a conference, please email me directly at 

I am available from 10:00 - 10:15 Monday - Thursday only, or I can meet with you afterschool on those same days.

NOTE:  Students caught cheating on or talking during any assessment will receive a reduction in the number of possible points on that assessment. 

Please remind your child(ren) of this policy.

Safety Measures:  Social distancing, face coverings, and sanitizing or washing hands regularly will be enforced for everyone's safety.

Please remind your child(ren) of this policy

Ms. Anderson

Chickasaw Middle/High Schools

English Language Arts (ELA)


School Year 2020-2021


  1. Please be in the classroom before the tardy bell rings. Otherwise, you will need a tardy pass from the office.
  2. Please bring your textbooks/Chromebooks, required materials, and supplies to class daily. (see syllabus)
  3. Please complete all assignments. If you are absent, you need to find out what you missed from your "Study Buddy" and make-up the work. Excused absences allow you to make-up the work; it does not excuse you from completing missed work.  I will make sure you make-up tests.
  4. Please be quiet and attentive in class, take notes accordingly, and participate in all activities as required.
  5. Group assignments will be given; please be cooperative, collaborative, responsible, and respectful.
  6. When you finish your assignments during class, please place your Chromebook in your book bag and utilize the remaining time to read your novel. I will be checking! You will not sit idly in class doing absolutely nothing productive.
  7. You may chew gum in class without blowing bubbles or popping it (make sure it gets in the trash can for disposal), but please, no food or liquids of any kind visible in class. You may keep it in your book bag. You do not want to cause any damage to any Chromebooks or other devices.   
  8. Please do not talk while the instructor/substitute/student/visitor is talking. Show respect for yourself and others. If you need to speak or move, raise your hand for permission (Use "May I" for permission and "Will you" for a request for something).
  9. Please do not type, write, or pass notes of any kind in class; please do not throw anything across the room or in the trash can; please keep your feet on the floor; please keep your hands/property to yourself.
  10. The use of cell phones or other non-school issued devices are not allowed to be used in the classroom without the instructor's approval. Please silence them (cell phone watches as well) and keep them in your book bag at all times.
  11. You are only allowed to do school work on the Chromebook, so please use it appropriately. You are not allowed to watch movies, play games, chat online, visit any unapproved or unauthorized sites, or do any other activity that is not related to current school assignments, and that is not school or district approved or authorized. I would hate for your privileges to be taken from you. 
  12. Please do not take out your Chromebook or log-in to Google or any other search engine unless you have permission. 
  13. Headphones are allowed for use in class with the Chromebook, so please, only take them out IF YOU HAVE PERMISSION from the instructor.
  14. If you arrive to class early, please begin your morning work/bell ringer/warm-up activity that is written on the dry-erase board/interactive board or in Google Classroom. Explicit directions will accompany each assignment.
  15. Please do not allow other students to use your Chromebook. It is tracked by the school's technology director, and you are responsible for everything that happens to it or that happens on it.
  16. If it is not yours, please don't touch it or take it! There are cameras everywhere.
  17. If you are sick, please stay home. When you are at school, please wash your hands regularly if possible or use hand sanitizer before entering or leaving the class, please stay socially distanced if at all possible, please constantly and consistently wear a face covering, and please use the proper way to sneeze or cough (in the elbow area of the arm).
  18. Please wash your face covering nightly with soap/detergent and water. It will air dry by morning.
  19. Please do not text write on any assignments that will be turned in for a grade.
  20. Let's have a great year! Let's have a safe, socially distanced year! Let's love, learn, laugh, and have an exciting year!


Please, I prefer to deal directly with you instead of calling your parents/guardians/coaches or an administrator.


Just in case you can't handle that responsibility, the following procedures will ensue immediately;

  • silent warning
  • verbal warning
  • phone call home
  • instructor conference with student
  • instructor conference with student and coach or parent
  • instructor conference with student, parent, and administrator
  • office referral [in-school suspension (retract/ISS) and/or out-of-school suspension (OSS)].