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6th/7th Grades Supply List

Chickasaw Middle/High Schools

2020-2021 Classroom Supply List

8th, 10th and 11th Grades

English Language Arts (ELA)

Ms. Anderson             251-380-8120          

Pocket Folders with Fasteners (optional) and 1.5” Binder with Pockets (not optional) 


Ink Pens:  blue or black only 

Wide/College-Ruled Notebook Paper

Hand-held pencil sharpeners with case (to catch pencil shavings)

Personal size hand sanitizer


On a regular basis ask your child(ren) about supplies/academics - grades/class or homework assignments/tests, and behavior.  Ask about a Google Classroom code (I can invite parents/guardians using personal email addresses) and INOW username and password.  

If you would like to donate any school supplies or any other item(s) to the class or to the school, please feel free to do so.

(Optional but recommended:  If you would like to bring extra supplies for your child(ren), I will label and keep them until he/she/they need(s) them).